Thursday, January 05, 2006

Thank you for all the comments....let me know aboute your own performence..please.
You know thats what count´s..

As you can see on this site my activity is minimized during the dark time of the year.
But everybody that knows me ...know that all of a sudden I´m back on track again.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

To lazy for 10 km

It's too cold outside and I'm too lazy to run tonight. Tomorrow is a better day....

Friday, October 28, 2005

slow comback (10km)

The last exercise was almost 2 weeks ago. Maybe I was scared of seeing myself looking for a suddendeath again.
The weather tonight was great for a october thursday.
For the first time I had to put my long trousers on and that felt nice. (how it looks is another story)
The time 56 minutes, 5m 35sek/km was slow but ...good enough for a comeback...and I don't want to be scared another 14 days again.
Maybe I should't expose my body for a large plate of pasta and butter with parmesan 20 minutes before start...
Well it's time to sleep and I am proud of my slow comeback

Thursday, October 13, 2005

4 km took me 18 m

I aimed for 5 km but there was a sudden death at 4!! The plan for the evening was to run 5 km in 25 minutes. I have never tried that before and I really thought it was possible. But somewere between 2 and 3 km I totaly lost my mind. When I saw the sign on the route that I thought was the 5 km sign i ran for my best time ever and forgott the last km!? Yes my route wasn't longer than 4 km instead of 5.
Why?? Mayby it was caused by my furious start with 3m 30s at the first km....
The strong taste of iron appeared in my further questions..
ps. My max heartrate just before the sudden death was 185 b/m

Monday, October 10, 2005

FIRST DAY: 4K in 30min

Finally today I got the inspiration to start running again after 8 months of inactivity. It wasn't as bad as I thought! Got along really well for beeing the first run in such a long time. The weather was perfect (+15°C). We have such a nice 10km running route close to where we live in Malmö, Sweden. It's such a beautiful route going through 3 parks, crossing several bridges over the canal, passing along the coast. It's a SLÍ. 'Sli na Slainte' is the Irish phrase for 'Path to Health' and it is a unique exercise concept devised and launched in 1996 by Paddy Murphy, Chief Executive of the Irish Heart Foundation. The aim of the project is to make exercise more attractive and more fun by putting distinctive signs along walking routes around the country to mark one kilometre walked. 'Sli na Slainte' signs are marked with a bright yellow sun and a human figure in yellow, blue and red, to signify the energy and vitality of life! Each sign is placed at a convenient one kilometre distance from the next and you can start and finish your walk anywhere you like.
My aim today was to run 5km, but I stopped at 4 'cause my knee started hurting. The pace was slow: 4k in 30min.
Fall is on its way. The trees ar turning yellow. It's really beautiful. I started to run with Tommy today. He has been running since he was given a half marathon
Göteborgsvarvet by his sisters and brother for his 40th birthday. He didn't train much but managed to run it in just under 2hours! I got him a rabbit-raincoat (the Liseberg rabbit) since it started to rain cats and dogs in the morning before start.....Isn't he sweet as a green rabbit!!!

Here you can se "Malmö SLI", where we live now and where our new house is situated (next to Turning Torso).

10 Km today

My inspiration was given to me at my birthday last year. My relatives gave me the startfee for Göteborgsvarvet... in love or in "jävelskap"... you never know.
My first half marathon took 1h 59m 3s to perform...puhh...just below 2 hous...just enough to impress on my relatives I guess.

2 weeks ago I ran 40 km just to see if my hurting thin chickenlegs could take the pane... and they did....
but my mind couldn´t. Of course I needed a week and a half to recover... I´m a lazy s.o.b you know.

But thursday the 6 october I ran another 10 km. It took me 54 minutes. And today I ran the same beautyful 10 km. I guess the time was the same but I will never find out.....I pressed the wrong button when I looked fore the time after 6 km..... f-ck what a disappointment when I looked for my time after 10km....
Ok.... later on I wil tell you how I came to love to run.....
And my goal is to get another halfmarathon below 1h 48m